Murphy-Smith Wedding

October 6, 2018


In the beginning...

In 2010, Cara was looking for a date to take to her friend's wedding. She had determined the perfect wedding date would be someone who could dress nice, liked to dance, could hang out with her parents (who were also in attendance), and most importantly would have fun despite not knowing anyone else there. She asked her friend, Ben, who possessed all these qualities. As it turned out, the perfect wedding date made the perfect life mate.

After that night, Cara and Ben kept dancing together. Ben knew he'd found a hilarious person with an insightful heart and incisive wisdom, graceful and curious in conversation, determined and purposeful in her life. With a tight circle of friends around them, with music and generosity and an effusive heart, they cultivated a romance with playful sweetness between them.  

Since 2010, Cara and Ben have built a life together spanning the country, a relationship practiced with conscience and charity. We've built a resilient love, we commit to it on this day.

Thank you for being there with unyielding love and support. We are excited to share this day with you. We look forward to sharing our life with all of you.